Jessica Ellis
January 01, 2016 12:45 pm

Surprising, yes, but oh so delicious! Turns out 2015 was a year of foodie aspirations for all of us, as one of Facebook’s most popular videos of the year is: a baked apple recipe!

Oh, but these baked apples aren’t simply “core an apple, pour in sugar and butter, dump in oven” comfort food. These elevate the classic, pretend-it’s-healthy dessert staple to pure art. Brought to you by Tip Hero, The slightly more complex recipe turns julienned apple slices and puff pastry into a gorgeous apple-rose shape, which can be baked in a muffin tin for a gorgeous dessert that isn’t too much of a calorie bomb.

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So why did this recipe go viral to the tune of over 226,00,000 MILLION views and 5.75 MILLION shares on Facebook? Well, according to YouTube star Shira Lazar, the devil is in the details. Lazar, in a video detailing the top viral videos of 2015, points out that the apple-rose video hits the sweet spots for today’s DIY bakers: it’s short, at 75 seconds, and it gives you Pinterest worthy results. If you are of the Internet era, the way a finished product in photos looks might even be more important than the time it takes to make it- or even how it tastes!

If you’re intrigued by the apple-rose tutorial but care a little less about the perceived healthiness, don’t forget you can modify to make it even more delicious. You could replace the apricot preserves with caramel sauce, Nutella, or chocolate ganache for a super decadent treat. Make a grown-up version by replacing some of the water in the soaking stage with bourbon, applejack, or cinnamon schnappes. If you want to add some dimension without making it more complex, there’s always the never-fail addition of some vanilla ice cream for apple-roses a la mode!

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(Image via Facebook)