Jill Layton
August 02, 2016 3:27 pm

Bagels are one of life’s little blessings. The combination of a warm, toasted bagel and cream cheese is one of the most classic breakfast options known to humankind.

Nothing beats a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or a snack in between.

But bagels don’t always come sliced, and that means you’re the one in charge of making sure both sides are even. If you’re like me, nine times out of ten you’ll screw it up — with one half of the bagel much thinner than the other.

And no matter how much cream cheese you lather on, it just never seems to be enough.

Well a new way of slicing a bagel was discovered a few years ago, and it ensures maximum cream cheese delivery. And now, we want to bring it to your attention.

Professor George W. Hart at Stony Brook University came up with a genius way to cut a bagel by using… MATH. And a knife.

YouTube/George Hart

Watch as he slices a bagel in the exact right way to create two bagel halves linked together, allowing for even more surface area for cream cheese.

YouTube/George Hart

Because a bagel without cream cheese is just a circle of bread. And even though bread is delicious, it’s more delicious with cream cheese.

Check out the magic: