latte art
Credit: ceelinech/Instagram

Beautiful latte art always makes a trip to the coffee shop more enjoyable – but have you ever seen latte art quite like this? A Hong Kong coffee shop is making colorful 3D latte art with foam, and it’s so cute we wouldn’t ever want to drink it!

Hong Kong’s Leo’s Espresso makes colorful, too-cute-for-words animals out of foam and tops their lattes with them.

Naturally, the foamy animals are a huge hit on social media, with each video on the coffee shop’s Instagram page getting hundreds of views.

You might think it’s impossible to make the art any cuter, but you’d be wrong: By giving your mug a little shake, the foamy animals will dance for you!

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No word yet if this trend will pick up in the U.S., but we sure hope it will! Our morning coffee will be so much happier with our favorite character greeting us.