All the Book Products You Could Want

I may be an old fashioned girl who would rather spend her evening with an ancient book than surfing the web on the shiniest and brightest of new toys, but thanks to the joy and wonders of the 21st century, there are many ways I can get my fix for literary enjoyment.

It has been brought to my attention that there are new things every day that drag my love of old leather and cured paper into my need to connect with people via metal and circuitry. Here are a couple of the things I’m already planning on putting on my Christmas list even though it’s only October and not even Halloween yet.

(I’m not actually writing a Christmas list. I’m an adult. My parents like to run the gauntlet of seeing how well they know their children now that we no longer all live under the same roof.)

I actually really got to thinking about this when I saw the wonderful Item of the Day on Wednesday. SASSY GRAMMAR MUGS! I need them. I want them. I feel like I shouldn’t drink coffee again until I have them.

You should probably be wearing this t-shirt when you’re drinking out of those mugs. It’s the 2nd anniversary shirt from – one of my go-to book sites – and if 50 people order them, they will be made and shipped. Don’t worry! They have lady cuts too. My pre-order is in.

And if you’re going to be reading while wearing that fantastic t-shirt and drinking coffee from the awesome mug, you should protect your iPad from damage with a DODO case. I have one. You can customize them. The most basic looks like a Moleskin notebook, and they’re gorgeous. Mine is grey with adorable owls on the inner paper, but I’m thinking I might get an extra, classic one too. Because one can never have too many moleskins.

And then you should outfit yourself in these delightful treats from Kate Spade which I discovered thanks to my friend GeekyHostess this week. I want them all. ALL OF THEM. Who will send me the purse and phone case, specifically? I need presents…right now.

Feature Image via AbstractGraphDesigns (That scarf is awesome, right? It’s mine.)

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