Johnni Macke
February 25, 2017 8:29 am

Calling all coffee and chocolate lovers, this is the treat for you! There is a dessert called an “Alfred Cone” that you need in your life right away.

Okay, maybe an Alfred Cone isn’t exactly dessert, but it’s also not your usual breakfast item. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds and we wish we were eating it right now. Thanks to Alfred Coffee + Kitchen in Los Angeles, your normal coffee drink has just gotten better.

The LA hotspot is known for its cute coffee cups and catchy sayings on them including, “But First, Coffee.” They even have an Alfred Tea House located around the block from its original coffee shop location.

Basically, it is one the hippest stops in Los Angeles for all coffee goers, ergo, you need to check out their latest coffee treat ASAP.

In addition to all their lattes and coffee drinks, the coffee company has created the ultimate espresso combo. They take a chocolate-dipped waffle cone and, instead of your usual demitasse cup, fill it with espresso.

It’s dessert for breakfast!

Seriously, what could be better than chocolate and coffee in a cone? The simple answer…nothing.

Need more proof that this is the treat for you? It’s pug-approved. While this doesn’t actually mean it’s delicious, it does make the photo that much cuter.

Come on, it’s a freaking waffle cone dipped in chocolate, topped with a shot of coffee. What’s not to love?

Now all we need is a small side of coffee ice cream or vanilla, and it would be the best choice during your weekly brunches.