Red Bull Energy Drink Mixed With Alcohol
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The next time you’re in the mood to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you might want to think twice about ordering a Red Bull and vodka, which is apparently like liquid cocaine. That sounds extreme, but unfortunately, we’re not exaggerating: A recent study says the popular drink is just as bad on your brain as cocaine, and TBH, that’s a rather frightening realization that might make you want to leave your signature drink to fictional characters.

We already know that routine consumption of energy drinks isn’t good for you, but this study published in science journal PLoS ONE might make you file Red Bull and vodka in the “DO NOT WANT” category.

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Researchers at Purdue University used adolescent mice to observe the impact of combining alcohol and caffeine. As it turns out, adding alcohol to the equation causes an increase in their locomotor activity. A similar effect could also be achieved by giving the mice cocaine, as explained by Richard van Rijn, the university’s assistant professor of medicinal chemistry.

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And he also expounds on why downing alcohol and caffeine at the same time is basically like a cocaine cocktail:

Yikes. While we certainly see nothing wrong with drinking responsibly, we’re wondering how or if this sobering information will impact restaurants and other venues who have Red Bull/vodka combos on their drink menus. If anything, it should definitely make you consider whether continuing to sip your fave drink is worth doing major damage to your brain.