Brittni Brown
Updated December 20, 2016

By now, the fact that we really love food should come as no surprise. And in this latest food video, we’re doing a tribute to one of our favorite holiday classics: A Christmas Story. This recipe is so good, we don’t need to triple dog dare you to try it. So put on your pink bunny pajamas, put down that chocolate Ovaltine, and make yourself this perfect holiday cocktail.

First, you’re gonna need a martini glass, but be careful, it’s fra-gee-lay! (Getting tired of the A Christmas Story allusions yet? Didn’t think so.) Mix butterscotch liqueur and pink moscato together for an extra festive combination. And make it shine with some pink sprinkles and cotton candy. When you’re done, you’ll have the perfect fusion of nostalgia and adult holiday beverage. What else could you want to sip on while watching your favorite holiday movies?

A Christmas Story Cocktail


1/2 oz butterscotch liqueur
1/2 oz strawberry liqueur
2 oz pink Moscato champagne
Pink sprinkles
1 tbsp cotton candy (optional)


Rim glass with butterscotch liqueur, then with sprinkles.
Set aside.

In a cocktail shaker, add ice and both liqueurs and shake to combine.
Strain into prepared glass and top with Moscato.
Drop in cotton candy to dissolve.
Serve immediately.