Ashley Rey
March 12, 2017 12:29 pm
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We’re all pretty much aware of the importance of eating healthy snacks before a yoga class. But, many of us are still a little stumped when it comes to post-yoga meal ideas. But, no worries! We can totally help with that. Exactly what you eat will depend on what time of day you practice, and we have our hands on a list of the best foods after yoga to keep handy.

A variation of the below snacks will be sure to give your belly just what it needs to keep trucking.

1Bananas and nuts

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Mixing the sweet fruit with a handful of nuts is perfect for a post-yoga treat after an early morning session. And it’s the most ideal because the combination is super easy to grab and go.

2Green smoothie

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A smoothie packed with awesome leafy greens, your fave frozen fruits, and chia seeds will have your body thanking you after an early morning workout. It takes a bit of prep work, but it’s totally worth it.

3Greek yogurt and fruit

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Protein-packed and perfect for a early morning, post-yoga meal.

4Carrots, hummus, and crackers

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The trio will give you what you need after going hard in a lunch time sesh.

5Green salad

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Eating leafy greens after a lunch time yoga class almost seems like a no brainer! Throw in your favorite veggies and beans, a low sodium dressing, and a hefty slice of avocado, and you’ll have an entire meal to fuel for the rest of the afternoon!

6Whole wheat toast and chocolate peanut butter spread

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Sweet and filling, this post-workout has been recommended by nutritionists to eat after an afternoon class. It’s super light, and won’t stuff you since your body will still probably be digesting the lunch you ate previously.

7Salsa and chips

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This snack is ideal after an afternoon workout because it’s just the right size to fuel you, and not ruin your appetite for dinner.

8Avocado toast

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Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of this goodness after a yoga sesh later in the evening? We certainly would!

9Cup of soup

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Because you could never go wrong with a warm helping of lentil or black bean soup after a late night class.