Gina Vaynshteyn
April 24, 2015 12:50 pm

So, our new favorite group of humans are these 8th graders whose glorious culinary vision is everything we ever dreamed of: a bacon mac ‘n cheese stuffed pretzel crust pizza. So. Much. Yes. According to The Daily Dot, this doughy masterpiece came about when New Jersey’s Clearview Middle School students “were asked to create new foods as part of a statistics project.” Since bacon, cheese, noodles, pizza, and pretzels are the best ingredients for anything, ever, these kid geniuses were really onto something. For the record, we are totally on board with this scholastic endeavor.

Since part of the project was to engage with food companies to get their feedback on ideas, the students wrote to Pizza Hut and sent them their visual proposal:

Our wise Pizza Hut leaders know a solid pizza idea when they see one, so they were ALL ABOUT this.

“We thought it was a great idea,” Barbie King, manager of product development at Pizza Hut, told “Taking three things and putting them together like that adds up exponentially.”

“I think it’s awesome they added the pretzel crust,” she continued.

So the Hut’s honchos responded to the students with a thank you note of epic proportions.

Pizza Hut was so thankful for the idea and impressed with this zesty initiative, they actually MADE the pizza in all its cheesy, bacon-y glory, and sent it to the class (along with some cheese and pepperoni pizzas, because duh). The best part? The students were completely surprised, according to The Huffington Post. They thought they were going into a math test, when their teacher read the note aloud and then led them to a stack of cheesy goodness.

So…where can we get our slice?

You can live vicariously through these pizza-loving 8th graders right here:

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