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Stop trying to make Christmas happen, people. It’s barely the weekend after Halloween and already people are talking about December. Although we cannot wait to put up our tree and start blasting Christmas jams, it feels like we are forgetting about our pal Thanksgiving. In order to invoke the spirit of Thanksgiving past we are going to delight your mind, and stomach with 8 Thanksgiving desserts that aren’t pie! Pies are great and everything but they can be really hard to execute (especially if you’re trying to do Turkey Day for the first time or impress a host with your baking skills).

There’s more to Thanksgiving dessert than pumpkin pie. And these recipes will make you remember why it’s important to remember that it’s not acceptable to go from Halloween, skip over Thanksgiving, and go straight to rocking under the Mistletoe. Doesn’t everyone know Thanksgiving is the best holiday?

How can you beat an excuse to eat all day long? Here are some of the recipes we have our eye on for the big day.

No Machine Ice Cream

Who says you can’t have Ice Cream on Thanksgiving?! Gemma Stafford, of Bigger Bolder Baking, has a ton of recipes for no machine ice cream. So if you don’t have a fancy ice cream machine she has got you covered. Make sure you buy ice cream containers to make them super authentic!

Bananas Foster

We are obsessed with Ayesha Curry so of course we rifled through her “Little Lights of Mine” YouTube channel to see what she does for dessert. When our grandmothers made bananas foster as a kid, we always thought she was the greatest baker in the world, because it looks hard. Guess what? It’s not! You can put this over Ice Cream, but we definitely recommend putting spoonfuls over her bread pudding recipe.

Hot Chocolate

OK, fine, hot chocolate is considered a drink, but Kezia Eniang’s recipe is super indulgent and drinkable desserts are all the rage. These drinks are a perfect way to keep the children out of the kitchen while you and the adults are slaving away over the stove. I mean we think it’s super adorable watching the younger kids playing and running around, but the kitchen is off limits. You can make it fun and have edible decorations for them to decorate their drinks (and possibly spike the grown-up versions).

Vegan No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

We know you’re probably sick of hearing about pumpkin this season. But it is autumn, after all. Did you think we wouldn’t have the raw and vegan loves in your life covered? We’re equal opportunity dessert lovers over here, in case you haven’t noticed. Health Nut Nutrition has the best recipes for people of all diet backgrounds. (Also, BTW, she has a new cookbook coming and her recipes are #PinterestGoals.) You don’t have to be a raw vegan or vegan to love this recipe because it is utterly delicious! Move over regular cheesecake, we’ve got tons of pumpkin to use in the house!

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Although this is a Halloween recipe, we think it is such a cute idea to put mousse into mini pumpkins! Because, really, how cute are tiny pumpkins? Although the base of this recipe is pumpkin, Niomi Smart assures that you can’t even taste it, it just adds the right amount of sweetness. Not only will this recipe quell your craving for chocolate but it is so worthy of Instagram love. Cute hashtag not included.

Ice Cream Bars

As a kid we loved flying saucers, also known as ice cream bars! And the go to recipe for them are Jerrelle Guy’s (Chocolate for Basil) Snicker ice cream bars. This recipe is for the foodie in your life that has flaxseeds, agave and medjool dates in their pantry (or doesn’t mind running to the store to grab them). You’ll be the star of any Thanksgiving dinner with this recipe.

7 Layer Cake

Did you think we were going to forget cake? Of course not! Tanya Burr has got you covered if you haven’t brought her book, Tanya Bakes, in the states. This rainbow cake is 7 LAYERS of heaven. You heard us right seven layers. It is absolutely beautiful and this would honestly be the perfect center piece on your dessert table.

Fully Raw Chocolate Pecan Pie

OK, fine it’s a pie, but we HAD to sneak in one. This is not just a pie, but a raw vegan pie that’s also sort of easy to make. Fully Raw Kristina knows what’s up (and how to trick your relatives into eating healthy).

If you use any of these recipes you are bound to wow your family this Thanksgiving. Tag us and let us know when you finish baking one of these delicious desserts! We will be sitting at your kitchen table in spirit.