Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 13, 2017 6:14 am

Another year, another year of rotating the same ol’ recipes. Except that you don’t have to! Thanks to the ah-mazing Instagram foodies of the world, we now have access to more absolutely incredible recipes than ever before. Don’t get stuck in a rut. After all, food is *way* too much fun to play with not to get a little adventurous.

Here are some of the Instagram foodies we turn to when we wanna switch things up. Whether you wanna shoot for a more plant-based diet this year, get more veggies in your life, or just add some more exciting stuff to your meal rotation, we’ve got you covered.

1If a lighter, more plant-based lifestyle is what you’re aiming for this year, Jenna Davila is your foodie. From yummy desserts to unexpected fruit and veggie combos, this is a must follow.

2Is dessert your life? We get it. This Norway-based foodie is all about chocolate, and also keeping things healthy. It’s possible, and we’re so happy with the news.

3If you dream of Indian food (like, obviously), Chennai-based food blogger Kalpana V. Sareesh is about to rock your world in a huge way with these delicious daily recipes.

4If you like your food bright and colorful, but are never actually sure how to make that happen, food stylist (yes, it’s a real thing) and photographer Alena Haurylik is about to be your new fave.

And it only gets better.

5Wanna switch up your snacking? Jo, a food blogger based in Sydney, creates recipes we’ve literally never heard of, and are dying to try.

6For healthy food that’ll actually fill you up, Renee Byrd is a necessary follow. Plus, every pic is so beautiful you won’t even mind searching for recipes.

7Gluten free? We’ve got you covered. Munich-based foodie Shabnam is gonna help you eat the rainbow, gluten be damned.

8If you really do just wanna try every food combination possible, let Tom Charlesworth show you the way. You’ve never seen your fave foods quite like this!