If there’s anything better than coffee, it’s free coffee. And if you like coffee and free things, you’re in luck, because 7-Eleven just announced they’ll be giving away free coffee to anyone who wants it from October 12 through 17. That’s five days of not paying for coffee, you guys.

To get your free cups of coffee/happiness, here’s what you need to do: download the 7-Eleven app on your smartphone and register with your name and email address. Then beginning October 12, go into any 7-Eleven, open the app and go to the “Scan and Save” section. There you’ll see a coupon code for a “free hot beverage”. The 7-Eleven employee will scan the code once you have your hot beverage of choice, and a new code will magically appear each day for the entire week. But wait — there’s more. . . you can get any size you want!

It’s that simple. The hardest part of all of this might be actually going into 7-Eleven. But unfortunately, they won’t deliver your coffee to you in bed. We asked.

So if you’ve been grieving the end of the National Coffee Day (which happened over a week ago on September 29, but totally take your time with the grieving), we hope the free coffee week will cheer you up!

Featured image via Shutterstock