Jill Layton
March 16, 2016 9:03 am

Hey Slurpee fans, we’ve got some excellent news for you. On March 18 and 19 from 11am-7pm, 7-Eleven will be celebrating Slurpee’s 50th birthday, and they’ve invited you to celebrate with them.

The company has announced that Slurpee lovers can bring their own cups to any participating location and fill it up with as much Slurpee as it will hold. For only $1.50, you can fill your cup with your favorite flavor or combination of flavors, and then post pictures of the process using the hashtag #BYOCUPDAY.

Last year, people got super creative with the cups they brought in, which is why 7-Eleven has implemented a few rules: The cup must fit inside a 10-inch hole, the cup must be clean enough to drink out of, there can’t be any holes in the cup, and there can only be one cup per person.

It’s very possible the rules existed last year as well, but people definitely got away with breaking them. So Slurpee at your own risk, folks. Here are some of last year’s Slurpee fans and their ridiculously amazing cup choices.  Like this Slurpee extreme:

This baby gets it:

But not as much as this baby:

Ah, the old tea kettle trick:

Look at this rockstar KFC move:

OK, now this is just commitment:

Who needs water when there’s Slurpee to drink forever?

Just kidding you guys, you need water too.