Ah, Slurpees, those fluffy mounds of sugary, Technicolor joy! These 7-Eleven staples may be an indulgence most of the time, but for today only, you can offset the calories with the pure happiness of doing good. On November 7th, 7-Eleven is running Name Your Own Price Slurpee Day in partnership with Feeding America.

Since 1979, Feeding America has been on the cutting edge of combating hunger in America. With over 200 locations nationwide, Feeding America targets under-served populations with programs like grocery assistance for seniors, mobile food pantries, and school-based food banks that allow students and their families to easily access nutritious food at no cost.

So here's how today's deal works: all day long, you can pay whatever price you want for any size Slurpee, and 100% of the proceeds go to Feeding America. Want to celebrate Americana with a classic Coke Slurpee? Pay $1, $5, or $100 if you can! Are you more of a wild-side, Blue Raspberry lover? Embrace the enigma of yourself and pay only in prime numbers! Are you truly an original, and by that we mean someone who swirls all the flavors together because you're that awesome? Fling a random amount of bills and coins on the counter and let your local 7-Eleven clerk engage in a little capitalistic Dadaism (but be nice about it!)

While there's no wrong amount to pay, remember that this Slurpee extravaganza is for charity; there are far too many people who can't afford a cup of sugary delight at any price. Be generous with your payment if you can. Of course, if paying double digits for your Slurpee is out of your price range, consider going to to check out volunteer opportunities in your area. Working with your community to fight hunger feels even better than a sugar high, although there's nothing to say you can't do both!

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(Image via 7-Eleven)