At 28 years old, I think I'm only just starting to get over caring what others think of me. As many smart people have said before me, you have to Do You. And I'm now at a place where I am comfortable doing that all the time. (Unless I'm meeting you somewhere and you beat me there and then I have to look around to find you. Then I'm in a full blown panic at the idea that you can see me before I can see you).

I used to be great at being myself, was totally cool dressing like Clarissa Darling and just in general feeling like "IDGAF." But somewhere around middle school, I started giving a sh*t what other people thought of me and I was miserable. So, cheer up, Charlie, here are 6 signs you're past that point in your life and you, once again, No Longer Give a Sh*t What Others Think Of You.

1. You're Not a Pushover

Remember on Friends when Phoebe calls Rachel a pushover? And then Rachel and Monica are trying to decide on where to eat lunch and Rachel immediately gives in to what Monica wants?

Well, you would NEVER do that! Don't get me wrong, you're not Monica Gellar Pushy either, you just know what you want and aren't afraid to say it. You DID just eat Indian last night, why would you eat it again? That's bonkers! You don't let someone trick you into going to some kind of horrible club because…you'd hate it! (Or whatever locale you DO hate.) You won't go there because there's no sense in going along with things you're opposed to!

2. You Offer Up Your Opinions First

You don't wait to find out what someone else thinks about a movie, book, TV show, song. You OWN the fact that you do watch Pretty Little Liars every week (or, rather, every week it's on – that show has the weirdest air schedule ever), you own the fact that you love this new coffee place.

Again, you're not forcing your opinions on others, that'd be stupid. You just know what your opinions are and you don't let anyone else get in the way of that. It's okay to say, "What's the big deal with Channing Tatum?" (I only just found out What The Big Deal Was after watching Magic Mike AND 21 Jump Street close to each other.)

3. You Only Care If You Like Your Outfit

This was a big one for me. What pushed me into Giving a Sh*t About What Others Thought of Me was caring what anyone else thought of my outfit. Look, I'm all for following trends and being inspired and caring about what you wear. But mostly I buy graphic tee shirts from the men's department of either Urban Outfitters or Target and I'm cool with that. It's no big deal.

So if you get dressed in the morning and you're only thinking, "Do I like this outfit?" then you definitely No Longer Give a Sh*t What Others Think Of You. You rock those outfits, kid.

4. You Know How To Make Fun of Yourself Better Than People Who Tease You

Currently my iPhone case has stickers of Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Buzz Lightyear and Lucy from The Peanuts on it (among other things). I'm wearing leopard print Keds, red jeans and a leopard-print Army style jacket. I KNOW what there is to make fun of me about, you know?

I get it. I'm 28 and I know why you think it's fun to tease me. But if I can do a better job of it than you can (Yes, I DO own a Polaroid) then you're doing it wrong and I'm cool with myself. So there.

5. You're Okay Crying, Laughing, Singing, Smiling, Screaming, etc…in Public

This probably has a lot to do with the 10 years I spent living in New York City. Remember on How I Met Your Mother when Lily said you weren't a true New Yorker until you cried on the subway and didn't care who saw you…I think this is true for everything.

If you want to break out into song (maybe a medley of songs from RENT, for example), who cares? If you want to cry, or scream or laugh and you're not immediately thinking, "oh no, can anyone see me?" then you probably don't care what anyone thinks of you anymore.

See also: any time I'm driving alone and dancing (air drumming included, within reason) in the car.

6. You Do What You Want

This is the epitome of the other signs. If you go through life and you start to realize, "I'm Doing Me all over the place!" then you probably No Longer Give a Sh*t What Anyone Thinks of You. And then you're good.

Life's too short to worry about what anyone else thinks of you. Do what you want, wear what you want, eat what you want, get what you want and you'll be happier. Instantly.

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