Steph Barnes
October 14, 2017 7:27 pm
Etienne Boulanger/Unsplash

When it comes to beverages warm morning beverages, do you reach for a cup of tea as soon as you open your eyes? Do you prefer loose leaf to coffee beans? Do you find yourself constantly craving more tea as the day goes on? If you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions then it’s possible you’re addicted to tea. Which it totally understandable! We all have that one thing we enjoy above all else, but if you spend your days trying to figure out the logistics of having yourself hooked up to an IV of tea, then you may have a tiny issue.

It’s official: Your love of tea has turned into a full-blown obsession.

Right now you’re probably standing around, anxiously waiting on the water in your kettle to start boiling so you can get your fix but we’re here to say: Step away from the tea, slowly, and check these signs to see if your addiction might be getting a little out of hand.

1You physically can’t start your day without tea.

If for some unimaginable reason, you’re unable to get that first cup of tea to kickstart your morning and boost your energy levels, you may as well just cancel the day and try again tomorrow. You dream of which delicious flavor you’ll start your day with, because your morning cup of tea is your reason for getting out of bed every day.

2You no longer have space to store your teas.

Your latest shipment of teas just arrived and you’ve already organized your tea cupboard for the third time this week, but there just isn’t enough space for new additions. Now, where will you put all this new vanilla chai, lavender jasmine, green tea goodness? There’s no way you’re about to waste perfectly good tea and there just isn’t enough time to drink it all. Hint: If you’re buying so much tea that you no longer have space to store it, your addiction might be getting out of hand.

3You’re spending way too much money.

You’ve dubbed yourself a fancy tea connoisseur, and finding exotic new flavor combinations that other people have never even heard about brings you great joy. But over time, you’ve found yourself spending a little too much on your fancy international imports and your bank account is looking low. Might be time to cut back.

4You have multiple steeping options.

Most people stick to store bought tea bags, but you aren’t most people. You know that the stuff in those tiny bags are often just “dust” from real tea leaves. And because you know full leaf teas are far superior to tea bags, you’ve taken the time to explore all possible steeping methods. You’ve got a few teapots with built-in strainers, you’ve got an expensive French press, you’ve got way too many of adorable infusers, and some days you even make your own bags out of cheesecloth. Do you know what else you may have? A problem!

5You literally can’t remember how many cups you had today.

It’s 3pm, and suddenly, you hear your favorite sound in the world: the whistle of your boiling kettle. As you pour steaming hot water into you cup, you realize you’ve lost count of how many cups of tea you’ve had. Yes, you made a pot of lemongrass this morning, and maybe you refilled it twice? So if there’s 4 cups to a pot then that means…Well, it means you’ve had way too much tea today and your addiction might be getting out of hand.

6You have a tea recommendation for every ailment, traumatic event, and mood.

You basically spend all your free time researching different teas and the benefits of drinking each one. At this point, whenever you or anyone you know has an issue, there’s nothing to worry about — there’s a tea for that! Need a pick-me-up during the chiller months? Green tea. Feel a cold coming on? Ginger, lemongrass, and a hint of honey. Did your boo just dump you? So hungover you might die? Just have some tea! All good points except tea doesn’t actually fix everything, and you may need to check your addiction.