Credit: Crepes Of Wrath/HelloGiggles
Credit: Crepes Of Wrath/HelloGiggles

We’re convinced that rotisserie chicken is pretty much the best adult hack ever. One bird, $10 (usually less), and endless possibilities. Here are five of our favorite meals to make with all that chicken (or even leftovers!) – maximum tasty, maximum easy.

Psst, meat-free friends: we haven’t forgotten about you! Feel free to substitute tofu in any of these dishes — it’ll be extra tasty if you brown it in a pan first in some EVOO, nutritional yeast, and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or tamari.

Okay, here we go!

1. Chicken gyros


The gyro will always be valuable on the dollar to us (get it? Because it’s pronounced “euro?” Hahaha).

Anyway, this recipe from Smitten Kitchen presents this dish as a salad, but if you’re craving carbs (because, uh, carbs), this would make a drool-worthy wrap. Just buy some pita bread or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, lavash — a super thin Armenian/Middle Eastern flatbread that kind of looks like a large, square tortilla.

The recipe calls for uncooked chicken to be marinated in a potpourri of ingredients, but you can just add them to your already-cooked bird.

The spice list on this recipe does look a wee bit intimidating, but fear not. If you have to simplify your spice list (hey, we’re not judging), using paprika, oregano, and garlic on your chicken will still result in fantastic flavor.

2. Chicken Tinga Tacos


This awesome recipe from the blog The Crepes of Wrath (that name: GENIUS) is weeknight friendly and totally Instagram-able.

When you’re making this dish, skip directly to step #2 in the recipe. Simply shred your rotisserie chicken and start making the sauce as directed. And here’s an example of canned chipotle peppers, if you’re not sure what to look for at the store.

3. Peanut noodles


ERMAHGERD. Did someone say: peanut butter?

This Thai-inspired recipe from Averie Cooks has one of our things ever: peanut sauce. While this may not be the most traditional of Thai dishes, it’s an ultimate comfort meal. The sauce – loosely based on a peanut satay sauce, usually served with grilled chicken – is totally slurp-able.

If you want a lighter version of this meal, you can combine all the ingredients (peanut sauce + chicken + veggies) and serve them in lettuce wraps instead of mixing them with noodles. BOOM. As it is though, the sugar snap peas and carrots provide light crunch to an otherwise heavy dish.

When making this recipe, you’ll just start step #3 with your already cooked chicken and go from there.

4. Chicken Soup with noodles


Because, how can you have a list of chicken dishes without chicken soup? You can’t.

Also, this recipe takes a half hour and uses only one pot. Schwing.

Don’t skip the thyme if you can help it. It completes the dish like Renée Zellweger completes Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

5. Summer couscous platter


This is a fantastic accompaniment to your chicken. It’s one of those frying pan meals that’s very forgiving — use whatever veggies you like, and feel free to tweak the amount of onions, garlic, and spice if you’d like it subtler or spicier.

It’s pictured here with a tahini mint sauce, whose recipe is here. And the couscous recipe on Food Network. It’s still super yummy without it, though.