Here’s how to get a $3 Chipotle burrito this Halloween!

There are so many Halloween traditions to love! Costumes, going out with your friends, handing out candy to adorable kids. But one of the best Halloween traditions of all time is the discounted Chipotle you can enjoy after a night of celebrating. For $3, you can get a burrito (or a “boorito” as they’re being called) loaded up with all your faves. And here is how you can go about getting that sweet, sweet $3 Chipotle goodness.

In the past, all you’ve needed to do is show up at one of their locations in costume. But to celebrate the fact that Chipotle never uses additives or preservatives in that burrito (or bowl or taco) you are about to enjoy, Chipotle is asking you add something extra to your outfit. It has to be something unnecessary, so get creative. Maybe a mermaid with a spare pair of sneakers, or a lobster with a pair of gloves. Use your imagination.

Once you’re suited up, with your own additive, head over to Chipotle and nom your delicious, $3 burrito. Sorry, boorito. Happy Halloween!

(Image via Shutterstock)