Laura Kadner
July 28, 2014 6:18 am

Whoever said that men and women can’t be friends severely missed out. In 2014, the gender divide is shrinking and the number of ladies with sweet, silly, hilarious, thoughtful, male besties is growing. While we love our girlfriends, guys can offer a fresh perspective, in part, because they were raised as, well, guys. Blame society, or hormones, but male friends—regardless of their sexual orientation, or yours—can make amazing platonic partners in crime. If you really need a reason or two (and you shouldn’t) to explain why man-buddies rule, check these out:

1) They’re always up for a stupid adventure.

No two guys are alike, and we can’t speak for all male besties, but the ones we’ve known are down for anything. Want to drive to Vegas last minute? No problem! Wanna try every flavor of Pringles you can find in one night? Done! Want to try out one of those water-powered jet packs? Let’s do it!

2) They’ll be unwaveringly honest with you.

No bones about it. Freaking out about a text message, overreacting about a work situation? A guy’s a great window into how the other half of the planet thinks. And usually, they’re not afraid to be blunt about how they feel.

3) They usually don’t need much notice for plans.

You can pretty much call your guy friends up last minute for basically whatever and they’re gonna be cool with it.

4) They can offer a different perspective on fitness. 

5) They’re great at helping you lift heavy stuff—perfect for moving day!

6) They give great hugs, no matter the occasion.

7) You can let it all hang out because your guy friends aren’t going to judge you.

8) And if they are judgmental you don’t have to take it so seriously, because they’re letting it hang out just as much as you.

9) They can help you demystify your romantic/style quandaries fast.

10) And they can help you craft the perfect text to the object of your desire.

11) At the end of the day, no matter if you argue or fight, you’re gonna have a best friend for life.

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