Credit: @givemethatplant

There are tons of good reasons to go vegan. Being vegan is good for the planet, a plant-based diet can make you happier, and, if nothing else, a varied vegan diet can introduce you to SO MANY new foods. Even if you don’t go 100% vegan, it doesn’t hurt to get a few vegan meals into your diet on the reg. And these beautifully colorful vegan recipes have our tums growling, because, OMG, they look so good!

Like, how AMAZING do these vegan, plant-based recipes look?

TBH, we’ve never been more willing to be vegan than we are right now.

These vegan recipes are giving us ALL THE NOMZ, GUYS.

We’re seriously taking notes. Here’s to a vegan recipe-filled cold weather season!

TG for these totally beautiful vegan recipes! Here’s to plants, friends.