12 Japanese candies that you will want to try immediately upon reading this

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Over the years, Japanese art and pop culture has grown increasingly popular in the U.S., and for good reason — Japan is known for its creativity and unique flare across an abundance of mediums. And Japanese candies are no exception! Japanese sweets are delicately crafted, and almost always available in a mind-blowing array of colors and flavors. Trust us, there are *so* many options.

These sweet treats will not only take your taste buds on an international adventure, but they’ll also help you step up your snack game. And even if sweets aren’t your thing, these will still make great gifts for the people around you.

Now, if you want treat yourself (or someone you love) to something delightfully delicious, here are 12 Japanese candies so good you’ll lose your mind.

1Pocky Cream Covered Sticks, $4.95


Okay, this is likely one you’ve heard of. But yummy cookie sticks that come dipped in almost any flavor you can dream of — chocolate, honey, almond, peach, green tea, French toast, and even pizza — are worth a mention.

2Rabbit in the Moon Higashi (Wagashi Sugar), $18.99


Higashi is considered super fancy in Japan, and it’s typically made with finely ground sugar and soybean flour. They’re handmade and come in intricate and colorful designs — almost too pretty to eat. But trust us, you will…

3Chiroru Choco Mochi Chocolate, $27.90


Chiroru comes in every flavor of chocolate imaginable, with fillings like nuts, creams, jellies, mochi, caramel, cookies, wafers, and fruit flavors. Plus, they’re individually wrapped which makes snacking so much easier.

4Meiji Jumbo Coffee Beat, $3.35

Coffee Beats are tiny, crunchy, coffee flavored candies — we think you’ll love them.

5Meiji MeltyKiss Premium Chocolate, $12


These are individually wrapped chocolate cubes, dusted with chocolate on the outer shells, and stuffed with a creamy filling on the inside. As the name suggests, they melt quickly so eat ‘em fast.

6Black Thunder Choco Bar, $10.50


Black Thunder is a dark milk chocolate bar with rice crispy cakes and cookie chunks in the middle. In Japan, it’s known as Kuroi Raijin — a reference to the popular Japanese god of thunder.

7Ramune Soda Candy, $1.98


Ramune candy comes in a bottle that was inspired by Japan’s oldest soft drink, a lemon-lime soda known as Ramune that was created back in 1876. The candy has a fizzy soda-like taste.

8Hi-Chews Citrus Sours, $5.38


Probably one of the most popular candies in Japan, Hi-Chew is an explosion of real, fruity flavors with a long lasting chewy texture. It comes in over 113 different flavors.

9Japanese Sake Kit Kats, $15.07

Sure, you can pick up Kit Kats anywhere but you can only get alcohol infused Kit Kats imported from Japan! There’s a taste of saké mixed in with the sweetness of white chocolate in every bite. These also come in a bunch of other flavors like, wasabi, green tea, and sweet potato.

10Meiji Apollo Strawberry Cones, $3.37

Adorable and delicious tiny cone-shaped mini chocolates. Each little cone is packed with so much strawberry flavor, you’ll think you’re eating fresh berries.

11Bourbon Fettuccine Gummi Candy, $2.09

Based on the name, you’re probably thinking these gummy pieces will be pasta flavored but you’d be wrong. What you should expect is a sweet then sour taste mixed in with whatever flavor you decide to pick up.

12Colorful Marble Chocolate Candy Tube, $2.50

Think M&Ms but so much better. These colorful candies come with adorable characters on each piece, and a collectable sticker in every tube.

Hopefully you’ll find something to suit your palate, let us know your favorites!

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