Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 30, 2017 @ 5:56 pm

Nothing can turn us into a bunch of starry-eyed goofs faster than the mere mention of ice cream, which is why our glazed-over eyes are currently taking in ice cream cones with foot-high scoops with pure admiration and awe.

Around these parts, ice cream totally counts as a food group, and with Oddfellows Ice Cream Company in NYC serving one-foot-tall ice cream cones, we could get in our (unlimited) daily recommended serving in one sitting. We might not be able to have this ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because handling all of these scoops more than once a day might be doing a little tew much, even for a severely neglected sweet tooth.

Behold, these super stacked, cookie-topped cones in all their cold, creamy glory.

YUM. This is the stuff of foodie-fueled dreams.

A careful balancing act appears to be the secret to carrying one of these colossal cones, but we probz wouldn’t be able to hold onto it for long without fully devouring it, one colorful scoop at a time.

It’s official, y’all! We are formally including these tantalizingly tiered ice cream cones to our list of Things We Didn’t Dream and Therefore Must Have Because They Exist IRL.

So, that is a LOT of ice cream to handle, but that’s a challenge we welcome. However, if multi-flavored cones aren’t your jam (um, they should be), Oddfellows’ mouthwatering menu doesn’t stop there.

They shop also serves brioche buns and ice cream sandwiches and brioche buns with covered in sprinkles, sesame seeds, and ZOMG we’re on the verge of dehydration.

SIGHS. We have no idea why the ice cream gawds have bestowed such culinary greatness upon us, but we gladly accept.