Sundi Rose
Updated Feb 28, 2017 @ 5:34 pm

Mermaids, though they’ve always been one of our favorite mythological creatures, are really having a moment right now. Everything from mermaid socks to mermaid blankets to mermaid makeup are available to us sea-creature lovers.

Now you can go one step further and have a full-on mermaid-themed birthday party.

Your first stop is, of course, an incredible mermaid cake. Whether your tastes fall on the whimsical side or you like to stay a little more grounded, we’ve rounded up some of the best cakes for all you mermaid lovers out there.

Feel free to take these Instagram pics to your local baker for inspiration and motivation. Just don’t forget to invite us to your party!

1This cake is so tranquil and soothing, you won’t even feel guilty eating it.

Nothing communicates a love for the ocean dwelling ladies like a little gold leaf mixed in with the scales.

2These cake pops are understated perfection.

Just hint of a mermaid theme will help you enjoy any oceanic celebration, one bite at a time.

3This next-level tiered cake is a fantasy come true.

Channel your inner mermaid with not only a cake, but also with macaroons and covered marshmallows.

4This adorable, detailed cake is great for all ages.

Several tiers of beautifully constructed fondant work have us drooling on so many levels. It even has a little mermaid on top, presiding over the whole party.

5When in doubt, use a cake topper.

It’s got enough sparkle to keep the mermaids on our minds. And it’s certainly the simplest way of creating a mermaid-themed cake.

6This mermaid cake is easy enough, you may not have to seek a specialty baker to make it happen.

This one may not have have a cute little mermaid on top, but it’s still fancy enough to satisfy our devotion to all things under the sea.

7This cake is almost too pretty to cut into.

Of course, you’ll still eat it because any mermaid worth her sea salt can appreciate a good slice of cake.

8Parts of this cake last long after the party ends.

When everyone goes home, all the cake is eaten, and all the presents are opened, you’ll still have these cute little mermaid dolls to play with.

9This iridescent beauty practically glows in the dark.

That’s a perfect way to celebrate all that glitters under the sea.

10This cake combines two things we loved most as a kid.

This mermaid cake looks like it came straight from Candy Land with all the rainbows, unicorns, and sticky rivers.

11Mermaid cakes get a sophisticated, adult update in this gorgeous treat.

Pair it with a lovely Reisling or just chug the milk straight out of the carton. Either way, it’ll be very enjoyable.