Jessica Ellis
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 8:54 am

We live in a world divided on fruitcake. For some, it is a type of particularly dense wood that only appears around Christmas. For others, it’s a heavenly combination of fruit, cake, and alcohol…and seriously, how can you go wrong with that?

But we can all agree, there’s often some leftovers after the presents are unwrapped and the last holiday movie watched. We’d never want you to throw away good food (and again guys, its FRUIT and CAKE and ALCOHOL) so here are ten amazing ways to repurpose fruitcake that’ll keep you in fruity heaven til New Years at least.

1. Croutons

Dmitro Derevyanko/Shutterstock

This is one of the easiest methods for the cooking novice. Spritz or toss in vegetable oil (canola or safflower is good) then toast in the oven until crispy. These will add the perfect nutty fruity extra bite to salads!

2. French toast

Cinnamon raisin french toast is amazing, so why not try it out with fruitcake. For every piece, mix an egg with a tablespoon of cream, and add a dash of maple syrup, vanilla, or cinnamon if you want. Coat the slices and cook in a frying pan for post-Christmas deliciousness. Or check out the AARP baked recipe above!

3. Fruitcake ice cream

Mmm, here’s the perfect wintry treat or posh dessert. The recipe from Serious Eats above is for leftover panettone, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work with fruitcake, too!

4. Truffle heaven

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Truffles are sneaky little beasts, about 100% easier to make than you’d imagine. Check out this recipe from Wikihow, which has you melt chocolate, add cake crumbs and a few other ingredients, then just refrigerate until firm enough to roll into balls. May we suggest adding a little rum?

5. Cheese Toast

If your cooking skill is more microwave level, there’s still the easiest and best way to use up fruitcake: top with very very sharp cheddar and put under the broiler til toasty brown. Or, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, make this amazing cheese fondue from Flavorite and dip toasted slices in it!

6. Crostini

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Planning a New Year’s shindig? Store fruitcake in Tupperware, then toast up with a little olive oil and add posh toppings like whipped mascarpone and honey or cream cheese and smoked salmon for perfect little canapes.

7. Cake pops (you knew it was coming.)

Remember, fruitcake is cake, and that makes it good for almost all things regular cake can do! Check out the amazing recipe above (warning, it’s in Italian, so keep Google Translate handy!) For some gorgeous cake pops with a holiday twist.

8. Festive yogurt topping!

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If you’re putting yourself on a post-eggnog diet, you can still keep a little holiday cheer by sprinkling fruitcake crumbs on that 0% plain yogurt. It’ll give you a hint of sweetness, and lest we forget, some fiber! Can’t possibly be bad!

9. Streusal topping

Yeah….a diet was a little optimistic. There’s still pies to be made and crumbles to be eaten, and fruitcake is a perfect sub-in for toasty streusal. Check out this gorgeous cranberry buckle recipe by Wicked Good Kitchen, and add crumbled leftover fruitcake and some extra flour to soak up the moisture.

10. Fruitcake bread putting OMG.

OF COURSE we saved the best for last. This decadent dessert from Eating Well is easier than you think if you’ve got leftover fruitcake (just skip all the parts until you make the custard for it,) and the perfect way to enjoy one last ultra-decadent holiday joy.

Happy fruitcaking, everybody!!