Out of all the seasons, summer is my least favorite. The humidity turns my hair into a bird’s nest and on 90 degree days, I must remind myself that taking multiple showers will not cure my excessive sweating problem; it will just kill the planet a little faster. However, just because I prefer sweater weather doesn’t mean I don’t miss summer from time to time. In fact, the uglier the conditions outside become, the more I begin to crave the joys of summer that every pop song on the radio talks about, including…

1) The warmth.

When you live in a place that is cold six months out of the year, you get used to wearing long-sleeves and mittens everywhere you go. Despite the pleasant beverages that society has created to make winter seem more inviting (peppermint hot chocolate anyone?), nothing beats stepping outside and feeling the sunlight on your skin. At least, until a bee runs into your face and you run inside wishing it was snowing again.

2) Barbecues.

For me, summer and “barbecue” are practically synonyms. It is the only time of year (aside from Super Bowl season) where you never need an excuse to break out the burgers and invite over everyone you know. What could be better than lounging around with your favorite people and discussing the latest Hollywood Blockbuster over a bowl of potato chips? Answer: nothing.

3) Bonfires.

Scratch what I just said. Bonfires are God’s gift to mankind (the mythology reference there was intentional). Whether you enjoy hoisting your flaming marshmallow up like a torch or constructing a pile of sticks that could house a human or two, bonfires can be fun for every man, woman, or pyromaniac alike.

4) Having no responsibilities.

Though my past few summers have been dominated by part-time jobs and internships, I still look forward to those first two weeks of summer vacation between the end of school and the start of real life where my to-do list is empty. Such a period of bliss brings its own troubles though, like “Should I read a book or watch another episode of Parks and Rec?” or “Should I wear shorts and a T-shirt or shorts and a tank top?” So much to do, so little time.

5) Not having to wear five million layers to leave the house.

Anyone from New England will tell you that Randy is the most relatable character in A Christmas Story if only because everyone ends up looking like him by the first week of December. (By which I mean, we are all rendered immobile by our winter outfits. We don’t go shooting our eyes out or dressing up in bunny suits.)

6) Not being judged for drinking iced coffee.

Whoever said that cold drinks were only acceptable in the summer has obviously not sipped Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in the middle of a snowstorm because it tastes just as good as when it’s bright and sunny outside. While the person behind the counter certainly won’t prevent you from ordering an iced coffee, they will most definitely throw you a glance if the temperature hasn’t exceeded 70. During the summer, though, no one even gives you a second look.

7) Reading books outside.

Reading inside in the comfort of your own bed is all well and good, as long as you’re not surrounded by other potential distractions, which you almost always are. After all, why read when you could just as easily watch that Christmas special on TV for the third time in a row or curl up under the covers and take a nap? When it’s nice out, it’s much easier to sit on the porch and get away from the pesky technology that can disrupt your reading time.

8) Summer concerts.

Listening to your favorite artist always seems infinitely better when you’re not shivering in your seat or clapping your padded gloves together at the end of every song. Not to mention taking concert selfies with your friends is significantly more difficult when you have to remove your gloves to snap the picture. Long story short, cold weather and concerts don’t mix.

9) Ice cream trucks.

Maybe it’s my inner child talking, but ice cream trucks are the defining sound of summer, even more than chirping birds or road construction. At twenty years old, I still keep an eye out for that glorious white truck from heaven in hopes that they will have the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich that makes me drool like a Saint Bernard.

10) The extra hours of daylight.

It’s so much easier to hang out with friends when the sun doesn’t start setting at four o’clock in the afternoon. The extra hours of daylight certainly aren’t good for productivity but at the end of the day, it feels good knowing that you can leave work and still have a few hours to enjoy the sunshine.

But enough about me. What about you guys? What do you miss about summer?

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