I’ve always wanted a signature cocktail or drink but have never landed on the perfect one. There’s always that friend who everybody knows gets a Dirty Martini or the gal who’s married to her Vodka Red Bull. Maybe you find those drinks revolting, but it’s distinctive when someone has a signature drink, scent, or style. It announces who you are without having to say a word. It tells you a lot about a person without even having to ask any questions. So naturally the signature drink is a great tool for giving dimension to a fictional character. Here are some of my favorite signature drinks of fictional characters:

1. James Bond – Vodka Martini, Shaken not Stirred

Before I even understood the concept of cocktails, I knew how James Bond liked his. It’s simple, classic, and an easy thing to think of when the bartender asks what you’d like.

2. Ron Burgundy – Scotch

I love sctoch! Scotchy, scotch, scotch! But never milk. Milk is almost always a bad choice.

3. The Dude – White Russian

I once had a very bad experience with a White Russian. But apparently The Dude doesn’t care. Just look at his smug face. Maybe I’ll have to give them a second chance…The Dude abides.

4. Kenan and Kel – Orange Soda

This was a true love story between a man and his orange soda. There are no words.

5. Carrie Bradshaw – Cosmo

Carrie started a worldwide popularization of this cocktail. It’s fashionable, fruity, and back in the day, it epitomized a sexy New York lifestyle.

6. Don Draper – Old Fashioned

So Don will basically drink anything, since he’s an alcoholic. But when he has his druthers, it’s an Old Fashioned. For the no nonsense drinker with old fashioned sensibilities.

7. Phyllis Nefler – Evian

Not all signature drinks need be alcoholic. Troop Beverly Hills’s Phyllis Nefler drowned her sorrows in endless bottles of Evian. Keep those kidneys workin’!

8. Jenna Rink – Piña Colada

If you were 13 and suddenly transformed into a 30-year-old this would be the perfect drink for you. Make sure to specify not Virgin, like Jenna. And always offer to show ID.

9. Hannibal Lecter – Chianti

You know, with some fava beans and human liver. Yum.

10. Homer Simpson – Duff Beer/Flaming Moe

Homer is known for his love of Duff Beer, of course. However, he was also the inventor of the Flaming Moe. It was originally called the Flaming Homer until Moe stole his idea, the jerk! Homer could’ve had it all with that signature cocktail…in another life, Homer. One upon another time…

Images via, forbes, blacksnowcomic,, theboolion, differentdrop, infinitydish