Credit: thera.palmer/Instagram

Who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in the house? Well, here’s how to use food coloring to change the color of flowers, according to the SFGate, in case you love to DIY literally everything. Not only is it easy, but it also will up your home décor game. Plus, people will be impressed. (You’ll see.)

But how does this even work?!

Transpiration happens, reported the SFGate, and water evaporates from the small pores in said flower’s petals and leaves. The food coloring then goes up the stem. Science, riiiiight?! It never ceases to amaze us.

Just start with white flowers, and then you can dye them any color you’d like (fuchsia, anyone?!).

How long does the process take?

Anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Plus, dyeing the water the same color will help, or else your newly dyed flowers will fade.

Though there are variations on how to dye flowers with food coloring — some people add sugar and/or white vinegar, some don’t — we like Bearded Science Guy’s video. Soon, you’ll be a DIY flower-dyeing pro and making colorful bouquets for everybody.

To show you that DIY flower-dyeing works, here’s some people’s Insta posts showing off their new flower creations.

Impressed? We def are. Plus, just because Valentine’s Day is over, anytime is the right time for flowers, amirite?! Especially DIY ones with food coloring!