Even if you don’t know the Australian producer Flume, chances are you’ve heard his work. The 24-year-old is relentlessly prolific: His collabs with Chet Faker put both artists on the map, while remixes of superstars Disclosure, Arcade Fire, and Lorde brought him well into the mainstream. So while it’s been two years since he’s dropped his self-titled debut, we’ve been hearing plenty from him, just not too much of his own original music — until now, because Flume’s just dropped a four-minute preview for his sophomore album Skin.

Flume came to fame in the age of capital-B Big EDM (that’s Electronic Dance Music). But since 2012, mainstream dance music has branched out into two broad directions: Bigger and broader (ex. Calvin Harris), or grimier and more experimental with sounds and structure (ex. Skrillex). The beats on the Skin preview sound more polished, and there seems to be more atmospheric detail, suggesting that Flume is going the weirder route.

Proclaiming the album “almost finished” on Soundcloud, Flume’s packed this mini mix with a smattering of scintillating sound textures, disembodied vocals, and wobbly, elastic beats. You can stream it below or download it here; we’ll be looping this until Skin finally comes out:

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