In recent years, gender roles in weddings have gotten more relaxed. Groomswomen and bridesmen have emerged to buck an outdated expectation of only women standing for the bride and men for the groom. But flower men are a pretty new ball game — one that we are loving.

The latest viral example of this gender-norm-bucking practice? Patrick Casey, a Wisconsin-based PR firm owner and literal best relative ever, who just served as the flower man in his cousin Andria’s wedding.

And, you guys, he committed — as in he walked down the aisle with a little basket and crafted a grand finale out of any wedding planner’s wildest dreams: pulling flower petals out of his pockets and tossing them in the air, zero irony involved.

Patrick tells Buzzfeed that he and Andria were really tight growing up, even serving as a ring bearer and flower girl in the same wedding when they were little. So it was pretty much a no-brainer when Andria asked him to step up.

And while it may have been a little weird for some of the guests at first, Patrick insists that they were impressed with his NBA-star-fueled final act.

And by the way, the child-sized basket he used? The same one Andria carried when they were kids. *SOB.*

While flower men aren’t new, they are one of the newer stereotype-defying trends to hit the wedding ceremony. As Indiana University of Pennsylvania sociology professor Robert Heasley told the New York Times in 2011, “We continue to have the marriage ceremony, but we’re slowly changing it to represent the greater balance of the genders.”

You can watch the whole adorable ceremony go down above. Now brb while we go text all our cousins.