Hey guys! Let’s Move…toward Michelle Obama. Like as close as we can get without the Secret Service detaining us.

In case you guys hate dancing and having a good time while being active, let me tell you a little about the Let’s Move campaign.

Michelle Obama, the greatest of First Ladies, created the Let’s Move campaign three years ago to take on the challenges surrounding our nation’s childhood obesity issues. What is so great, in my humble opinion, about Let’s Move is that Obama, along with the rest of the campaign focuses on fitness being fun–and I mean actually fun, not like, “let’s make kids run three miles a day fun.” That is not fun for the majority of people, myself included. “Running the mile” days gave me anxiety in middle and high school, and anxiety is not fun. Not only is the campaign about fitness, but it is about eating healthier and making better choices for your life in general. The campaign assures that families–all families–have the access to healthy and more importantly, affordable food, which is one of the biggest issues when it comes to “eating right” for plenty of families who struggle with time and money management.

To get involved:

Starting yesterday and continuing through today, Obama kicked off a two day tour to celebrate the third anniversary of her awesome campaign. The tour is focusing on the progression that we, as a nation, have made via Let’s Move in the past few years since its initiation. Obama is also making the rounds on talk shows like Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and The Dr. Oz Show to discuss the new ideas surrounding children, fitness, and their overall health.

In the past few years, notably because of Let’s Move, families who have access to internet and the resources the campaign offers have become much more informed about the healthier choices their families should be making. Food in schools have drastically improved nutritionally, which is incredibly important, because kids spend at least six hours a day away from home, in the care of the public education system. Under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, co-led by Rachael Ray, school lunches are required to offer more fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, low fat milk, and overall less saturated and trans fats. A lonnnnng way from the spongy square shaped pizza slices and sugary juices I consumed when I was a young’un in school.

Mississippi was once our nation’s biggest opportunity surrounding childhood obesity, which is why Ray and Obama foremost focused on the school lunches for the children of Mississippi. Obama visited the Clinton Public School District in Mississippi yesterday to celebrate their results of driving the importance of eating well, all without additional funding. You go, Mississippi!

Most notably, the solid result driven by Let’s Move is the childhood obesity rate, which has leveled off, and even declined in some states, like Mississippi!

Today, in the most exciting of news, Nike announced that they are teaming up with Obama to bring physical activity back to schools, meaning that there will likely be an increase in Physical Education classes. Shockingly, only four percent of elementary schools, eight percent of middle schools, and two percent of high schools offer daily P.E. classes. Only nine states require recess in elementary schools. Through budget cuts and an increased focus on technological education, physical activity takes a backseat in the public education system, unfortunately. Children need at least an hour a day of activity to stay healthy, but few kids are getting that much activity each day. Hopefully the teaming up of a power couple like Obama and Nike can change that for the much better.

If that all doesn’t prove that Obama is one of the most wonderful women of all-time, this shall:

I mean, Obama announced the Best Picture at the 85th Academy Awards! How cool is that?

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