Florence + the Machine

When it comes to people who can wring out-sized emotion out of their voice, Florence Welch is definitely up there. So it’s not that surprising, but still totally delightful, that during Florence + the Machine’s tour-ending performance in Paris, Welch closed the set with a stunning cover of none other than The Beatles’ seminal ~*all of the feelings*~ tune, “All You Need Is Love.”

The singer, who’s currently on tour in support of her third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, has covered the Fab Four before — namely, their also-very-heartfelt “Oh Darling.” But her performance in Paris was extra special, given the city’s recent events; another song the band covered was by the band Eagles of Death Metal, whose Paris show had been targeted in the attack.

For “All You Need Is Love,” Welch dialed her usual bombast back, instead choosing to punch the song up a bit with her signature brass-heavy backing band. It’s the kind of cover that makes you appreciate both the original song and the new take on it; so, take a break from looping “Come Together” for the fiftieth time at your family potluck to jam out with Florence and your feelings:

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