Credit: Jen Widerstrom Instagram /

Social media is an incredibly hard place to navigate if you’re already feeling a little down on yourself already. With personal trainers, fitness bloggers and health pros posting flawless, fab photos of how fit they are, the pressure to look the same becomes too much for those struggling with negative or false body image issues (myself, included at times). It’s often times hard not to compare yourself with celebs and public figures, leaving us to wonder why don’t I look like that?

However, IRL, celebs, musicians, and even models might not always look as fit as they are because the camera is super deceiving. Biggest Loser personal trainer, Jen Widerstrom, took to Instagram to show us she’s just as real as the rest of us and we love her that much more for it.

So, obviously, these two pictures, taken minutes a part, look SO different! One side, Jen looks like what we’d expect from a fitness trainer (incredible, of course) and on the other, what a lot of us look like in a picture taken at that totally unflattering angle (still gorgeous, though). With Jen posting this, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because even fitness buffs might not always look picture perfect all the time.

Well said, Jen! So next time you’re looking for all the flaws in that cute pic you want to post online, give yourself a major break and post away!