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If you’re not familiar with manta rays, they’re super cool sea creatures who look like a cross between a shark and an alien. Now, these fisherman caught a manta ray on camera that’s huge, reported Mashable. In fact, it’s making us wonder if the Loch Ness Monster might be real. At the time of the sighting a couple weeks ago, the Outcast Sport Fishing crew was off the coast of Hilton Head Island, SC.

Speaking of manta rays, ICYMI, diving with manta rays is ~super common~, like with companies such as Big Island Divers, especially in climates like Hawaii. And we’ve talked about manta rays before, like this diver who recently went night swimming with a ~gigantic~ one.

Good to know, yes?!

And if they look ~huge~, that’s because they are. The largest manta rays have a “wing span” of approximately 22 feet across — though some could be as large as 30 feet across (!). That’s gi-nor-mous! The manta ray that the Outcast Sport Fishing crew saw was 16 feet, according to The Island Packet. Usually, the crew is out looking for white sharks, so imagine their surprise when they came upon the manta ray instead.

You can take a look at their video here.

W-O-W, right?!

The manta ray let the men take video like “nbd, take all the video you want,” then swam off. Nature is ah-mazing. Speaking of which, we’re going to go look into those manta ray night dives in Hawaii rn. Anyone else?