Rachel Paige
November 11, 2015 12:21 pm

The story of Harry Potter might be over and done with (for now, we see you Cursed Child), but like any good story it will live on forever in our hearts. And, also all those times we re-read the books, because you can never re-read them too many times. Besides, reading them now gives us a brand new perspective because we can search for tiny little nuggets hidden in the text. Like, the fact that the first time Professor Snape and Harry meet, they talk about Lily Potter.

Pull out your copy or Sorcerer’s Stone, you’ll see. When Harry first sits down in Potions Class, Snape calls him out and asks, “What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”Harry has no idea, of course, because this is Potions Day One. The first time you read this, the passage probably didn’t stick in your mind, because why would it? All it really establishes is that Snape is going to be hard on Harry during his years at Hogwarts, for reasons still unknown.

Here’s where it gets crazy. As Tumblr user tomhiddles notes, the potion Snape asks Harry is actually very telling. As they write, “According to Victorian Flower Language, asphodel is a type of lily meaning ‘My regrets follow you to the grave’ and wormwood means ‘absence’ and also typically symbolized bitter sorrow. If you combined that, it meant ‘I bitterly regret Lily’s death’.”

Whoa. This is all the way back in book one. Reading Harry Potter, we wouldn’t realize for six more books that Snape is going to love Lily ALWAYS.

Know what this means? There could be other little gems like this hidden in the books. Guess it’s time to re-read them all over again!

(Image via Warner Bros.)