Picture of Kanye and Kim Dressed Up

It’s finally here! This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: The world’s first picture of Saint West, son of Kim and Kanye. Proud mama Kim shared his first picture to the world on her website and on Instagram yesterday, and it’s straight up adorable.

Saint West was born about a month ago on December 5, and we’ve been patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of him ever since. Kim has stated many times that she and Kanye aren’t planning to have any more kids, so this is likely our last West Family baby welcoming announcement.

Okay, so all we get is one hand, but that actually ends up being enough. The pic shows his tiny hand wrapped around North’s finger, giving it a squeeze. And that caption! “She said, ‘He’s my best friend.’” North is for sure loving her role as a big sis.

Say it with me now: Awwwwww!

A source told PEOPLE that Kim was “so happy to have the baby here.”

When North was first born, Kim and Kanye were protective of her, and we rarely got to see her face. But as time went on and she got bigger, things changed. Now, we see her and her fabulous dance outfits all the time! So we’re positive there will be plenty more pics of Saint to come.

Featured image via Instagram