disneyland star wars land two
Credit: Disney

Big, BIG news out of Disneyland today. Construction now officially begin on the highly anticipated Star Wars Land at the park, and Disney has released the first look at what’s going on behind this closed off area. Though right now it’s really just a huge mound of dirt, this is by far the most exciting mound of dirt we’re ever going to see.

Instead of just pictures, Disney has released a 360 degree view of the current construction, and what we’re looking at right here is Disneyland. Groundbreaking has also happened at Walt Disney World in Hollywood Studios, so we’ll keep waiting patiently for updates from Florida. And if you’re wondering about BB-8’s role in the project, never fear, he’s on site, probably overseeing a bunch of super important things because he’s a super important droid.

Credit: Disney

BB’s not the only awesome Star Wars detail in this area. It appears as if R2-D2 is single handedly in charge of running the lighting for the area, while some Stormtroopers guard precious cargo (these boxes are probably full of churros).

Credit: Disney

Also up in the sky! Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s just a hunk of space junk, and what appears to be an Imperial/First Order ship.

Credit: Disney

This is some pretty awesome stuff, but don’t go rushing off to Disneyland in hopes of seeing a giant looming AT-AT off in the distance. Star Wars Land will be located directly behind Frontierland, and that mountain you see in the background is Thunder Mountain. If you ride Thunder Mountain, you can actually catch tiny little glimpses of the magic going on in this dirt, but right now it’s not all that exciting. Because there are no real AT-ATs to see, but oh well.

Check out the 360 degree tour of the area below. Star Wars Land is set to open SOMETIME within the next two-ish years.