Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 14, 2016 @ 12:56 pm
Credit: Nintendo/Facebook

If you loved the original world of The Legend of Zelda and were constantly captivated by all the incredible and interesting adventures the hero Link would go through, you will be totally blown away by this recently released sneak preview into Nintendo’s revamped Zelda world.

During Nintendo’s live broadcast from their E3 show, they started off strong with one of the most anticipated upcoming games. The game’s title is The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and like all good sequels, it pays homage to the original while giving a hint about what you can expect to discover in the new version.

The video begins with a quiet, haunting, beautiful woman’s voice saying “Open your eyes.” Within moments, you’re taken on a journey through an absolutely pristine (and still totally Nintendo-feeling) gorgeous world. About half way through, we get (re)introduced to our hero Link and start to see just what he’s capable of (not to mention what he’ll be battling against) in this new world.

Credit: Nintendo/Giphy

The video continues to build with the stakes clearly getting higher and the familiar flute music swelling until you’re getting goosebumps every three seconds and you’re not even actually playing. It appropriately ends on a quiet moment where you feast your eyes on Link’s master sword. And thanks to the previous two minutes of build up, you absolutely cannot wait to enter this world and search to find it.

Everything feels totally familiar yet taken to the next completely thrilling level. The graphics are stunning, the world is beautiful and imaginative, and the journey is clearly epic. There’s no doubt this will be a game that (just like its predecessor) we can get lost in for hours.

Watch for yourself and prepare to see Hyrule (and your favorite brave Hylian) as you’ve never seen them before.