It’s that time of year again. Break out the snowpants and the shovels, because winter isn’t just coming. Winter is here. Today marks the first day of the cold and snowy season, even though it might not exactly feel like winter yet in your neck of the woods. Are you happy? Excited? Or already counting down the days until spring? Here are a few thoughts that might be running through your head.

Please get all “winter is coming” jokes out of the way.

Also, please get all “the cold never bothered me anyway” jokes over and done with, too.

They’ll still happen, so brace yourselves for them.

Do I own enough cozy, oversized sweaters, or should I buy fifteen more?

Why is it 60 degrees outside today if it’s winter?

It’s raining. (Everywhere right now.)

With three days to go until Christmas, is there still hope that it’ll be a white Christmas?

The idea of a white Christmas always sounds great until you’re shoveling snow on Christmas morning.

This’ll be the year I actually clear the snow off my front windshield, instead of forcing my wipers to do all the hard work for me!

Maybe I’ll even actually shove out the driveway/front walkway/the area around my car, too!

Probably not, but it’s a nice thought!

How much is too much Swiss Miss to have in your cabinet?

This is the year I’ll buy a cozy Snuggie, and everyone else will be really cold, so no one will mock me for owning it.

Are the L.L. Bean Boots sold out already?

This is the year I’ll learn to ski!

Or I’ll get really good at pretending to ski, while I sit in the lodge at the ski resort, drinking hot cocoa and wearing an oversized sweater.

Buy: at least five more oversized sweaters.

Two words: multiple blankets.

One hyphenated word: heated-blanket.

Fireplaces are the best places to read.

Find a fireplace to read by. Check Panera Bread first.

Winter coats are the best.

So are scarves, and mittens (or gloves), and cute hats with those flaps for ears.

It’s time for videos of dogs running through the snow for the first time.

It’s time to stock up on cat litter in case I ever get stuck in a snowbank.

Pro snow tip: cat litter works wonders on ice.

The nights are going to start getting shorter, which means it’ll be brighter out later, and that’s awesome.

But why is it so warm and rainy out today? It’s WINTER!

Winter, start being winter! LET IT SNOW.

But then the second it starts snowing it’ll be like, “ugh, is it spring yet?”

(Image via Disney)