The beginning of a school year is never easy. Whether you’re going through it now, or just remembering the once painful, rather awkward first day feels, you’ll relate to this boy’s solid reaction.

This past Tuesday, Andrew Macias, a 4-year-old student at City Terrace Elementary School, reacted to his first day of school exactly how we would. KTLA 5 News reported that when reporter Courtney Friel asked if he would miss his mother on his first day of pre-kindergarten, he first gave a good, strong, “No.” But, moments later tears formed in his eyes, and he went to find his mom for an off-camera hug.

We’re right there with Andrew! The beginning of school has us full of a mix of confidence, excitement, nerves, and our own tears, too! And Andrew’s reaction sums up exactly how we’ve all felt about that first day back.

For all of our Gigglers starting another year of school, we’re cheering you on! You’ve got this! And if you’re ever doubting it, remember you’re not the only with mixed emotions about the first day.

Hey Andrew, we think you’re the bravest. And so does the rest of the Internet. We know it’s hard at first, but you will own that school in no time.

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[Image via Instagram/KTLA]