Allanah Dykes
Updated November 22, 2016

In 2016 anything is possible! So we were not surprised to hear that a town in Finland wants to name streets after emojis. Specifically they would like to name their two roads Emoji and Meme streets.

A town in southern Finland has put a proposal in to name two roads Emojikatu and Meemikatu streets aka Emoji and Meme streets in a new commercial zone in Lohja, just west of Helsinki. The names Emojikatu and Meemikatu are Finnish.


“Everyone wants to live on a Blueberry Street or a Silver Birch Street. There are more than 20 place names starting with Birch in the area.”

The town’s planning committee has approved the proposal. Now all they need to do is ask residents for their opinions and if they do not object to renaming the area, the proposal will go into effect as of next year.

This town is known for tapping into smartphone culture. In 2015, the foreign ministry created national emojis. Two of the emojis will be included in the Unicode Standard for all smartphone devices.

We are very interested to see if they name the street names after emojis. Stranger things could happen!