Lilian Min
Updated Feb 17, 2017 @ 8:59 pm
Credit: HBO

Remember when we first learned about the Danish concept of “hygge”? We were all like: Yes, finally a word to describe satisfying coziness. There’s nothing better than comfort food; warm, inviting interiors; a life rooted in natural light and experiences. But then Finland was like, uh, we can think of something more relatable.

Introducing kalsarikannit, which Finland’s official tourism website defines as such:

Excuse me, I feel read. Though the literal translation (according to Google) is “underweardrunk,” it’s the “alone” detail that feels the most #tru. We’ve almost all been there. Usually, there’s a back and forth between canceling plans or actually coming through. And then once the plans — be they dinner, a hook-up, or whatever — are off, the pants come off too.

Naturally, I don’t think you have to actually be in your underwear to be in a state of kalsarikannit. Sweatpants work too; pajama pants or large t-shirts that cover your bottom probably apply too. Look, we’re not suggesting that you always want to be “underweardrunk.” But the next time you’re pouring a glass of chardonnay in your period underwear, take solace in the fact that the Fins have come up with a word just for the occasion. Oh, and emojis too: