In the words of Lady Gaga, you’re not gonna reach our telephones this weekend. Not cause we’ll be up in the club, either. Cause we’ll be keeping our phones locked up in protest of the fact that femojis are not a real thing.

Yes, that’s right. We said femojis: feminist emojis.

Now, before you start prepping a Leslie Knope style scrapbook to commemorate this important moment, let us explain. You see, the awesome team at lady love hub MAKERS has dreamed up some feminist alternatives to our established emojis, and they are literally the most beautiful, imaginary starfishes to grace our textually active lives.

Although there’s no Leslie Knope emoji to go with that Ann Perkins reference yet, MAKERS has mini versions of most of your other fave ladies to make up for it. We’re talking multiple actresses from the “Bad Blood” video (like Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift). Behold:

For those moments when you text like “voice of a generation”


For when you want to emulate the Notorious RBG

For when your feeling happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time

For when you running the world and/or drunk in love and/or near watermelons or surfboards

For when you feel like giving everyone you know a free car

And then there’s that perfect femoji pictured above that’s made to look like our fave funny gal and Hulu newbie Mindy Kaling. (We imagine that femoji is for when you can no longer wait for Mindy’s glorious new book to be in your lovin’ arms.)

You can check out the whole crew of suggested femojis—which also include odes to Ellen DeGeneres, Florida’s first female police chief Val Demings, and landmark African American astronaut (and art inspiration!) Mae Jemison—over at MAKERS. We’ll wait here while you do and mourn the fact that these statement-making emojis are not real and approved by Apple for our everyday use.

Then again, who says these might not end up in our emoji keyboards some day After all, as MAKERS says, “If Apple is going to make an effort to be progressive and value diversity, their next iOS update needs to feature a larger representation of females in their emoji alphabet.”

And yes, this must include turning some true feminist icons into actual text-sized feminist icons. Because some of these feminist icons (here’s lookin’ at you, Lena Dunham!) are obviously down with it.