Anna Buckley
May 03, 2018 11:12 am
Westend61/Getty Images

May is officially National Photo Month, which was recognized by Congress in 1987 as a month-long event. In a creative industry that was founded and run predominantly by men, women have made strides in having their work and perspective recognized. From early pioneers like Anna Atkins and Julia Margaret Cameron to modern visionaries behind projects like #GirlGaze, May is the perfect month to honor female photographers throughout history.

In celebration of National Photo Month and Nikon’s 100th anniversary, the camera company identified 100 up-and-coming photographers to follow on their Instagram account. We parsed through the talent and found 21 amazing female photographers we think you should be following.

What better way to celebrate than to follow these women and metaphorically/visually bathe in the delight that is their work — not just this month, but every month?

1Sangeeta Dey

The way Dey captures varying landscapes is otherworldly.

Follow her here.

2Ingrid Irsigler

Irsigler’s portraits are fierce. Plain and simple.

Follow her here.

3Jennifer Khordi

The way Khordi captures light is beyond dreamy.

Follow her here.

4Kerstin Benz

Benz is a master at capturing animal personalities.

Follow her here.

5Julia Calleo

Calleo’s food photography makes you feel instantly at home.

Follow her here.

6Kristine Rutledge

Rutledge’s work will give you the travel bug if you don’t already have it.

Follow her here.

7Ginger Unzueta

Unzueta portrays motherhood so beautifully and honestly.

Follow her here.

8Nicole Houser

The way Houser captures childhood innocence will make you feel some type of way.

Follow her here.

9Samantha Brooke Mignone

Mignone’s travels with her dogs, Aspen and Koa, are so worth following.

Follow her here.

10Isabel Epstein

Epstein knows exactly how to capture the light in her subject’s eyes.

Follow her here.

11Kiamarie Stone

Stone’s wedding photography drops you right in the middle of a fairy tale.

Follow her here.

12Kailley Lindman

Fair warning, Lindman’s photos will make you drool.

Follow her here.

13Nina McIntosh

The way McIntosh captures the Hawaiian landscape will transport you within the frames.

Follow her here.

14Christine Kenyon

Kenyon’s travel photography is travel photography at its finest.

Follow her here.

15Nicole Marder

Marder’s photography is modern, colorful, and cool.

Follow her here.

16Hannah Overeem

Hannah Overeem

Overeem’s pet portraits will put a smile on your face every single time.

Follow her here.

17Ying Luo

Luo’s images, from micro to macro, are stunning.

Follow her here.

18Diana Robinson

Nature photography is clearly Robinson’s passion.

Follow her here.

19Kathleen Callaghan

For a self-proclaimed “amateur photographer,” Callaghan has such a unique eye.

Follow her here.

20McKenzie Deakins

I want Deakins to take my portrait, because dang.

Follow her here.

21Juliana Bernstein

The colors in Bernstein’s images are intoxicating.

Follow her here.

Here’s to getting inspired and supporting female artists while you’re at it.