Margaret Eby
June 03, 2014 1:40 pm

There are road trips, and then there’s this road trip: Nine female photographers have decided to team up in order to drive a mobile gallery along the entire length of the Danube River in Europe.

The journey, dubbed “Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project,” will bring the work of Magnus photographer Inge Morath across the continent through a converted truck, commemorating the pictures Morath took of life along the Danube before and after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The photographers are all recipients of the annual Inge Morath Award, an annual prize given to a female photographer under the age of 30: Olivia Arthur, Lurdes R. Basoli, Kathryn Cook, Mimi Chakarova, Jessica Dimmock, Claudia, Guadarrama, Claire Martin, Emily Schiffer, and Ami Vitale.

The group met, they explain on their Kickstarter page, at an exhibit of their work with Morath’s work.

“Two years and many thousands of emails later we are just around the corner from realizing our dream: to make a trip along the Danube River, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, retracing the footsteps once taken by Inge, to see it again with our own eyes and to see her work in the region,” the group writes.

“Our project is intended for women, created by women, and in honor of the legacy of a pioneering woman from out industry,” they continue. The trip will result in a final large-scale exhibition.

To support the trek across Europe, the women sought $50,000, a goal they have already exceeded.

Jessica Dimmock, one of the nine photographers, told Hello Giggles that’s she’s excited to be in an environment with the other prize-winners.

“I’m excited about the project because it presents the very rare opportunity to work in a collaborative manner – something that is hard to come by in photography, which tends to be a practice of isolation,” she said.

“I know the work of all of the women, and only know one or two personally,” Dimmock said. “So this also represents and opportunity to know the women I’ve only ever known through their images.”

You can watch the video about the trip, and get all excited for these supercool ladies, below: