Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Mar 25, 2015 @ 2:29 pm

Humans of New York, the photoblog filled with evocative portraits of people in New York City along with tidbits about their personal stories, is a sensation. But that’s not news. What’s turning our heads today is one of the best HONY parodies we’ve seen to date. It’s perfection.

Like most popular things on the Internet and in the world, this parody is dominated by cats. Which we’re totally cool with. Because cats. Say hello to Felines of New York, it’s glorious. Run by a bonafide cat lover, the website showcases real-life cats who live in New York. They all have unique and different purr-spectives (#sorrynotsorry) about kitty litter, knocking things off of surfaces, and naps. It’s all very, very adorable.

Check out some of our fave Felines of New York profiles here:

“Oh sure, New York is great. It’s never occurred to me to live anywhere else. They talk about travel all the time, but I don’t even know where I am right now, so why would I need to go somewhere else? I would like to go outside though. There’s birds out there. So many birds. So many birds.”

– Maebe, Brooklyn

“Sometimes I come in here to think.”

– Pearl, Astoria Queens

“Why should I trust you? You’ve offered me nothing.”

– Shutter, Bushwick

“I’ve learned so much in my life, but learning how to make people do everything for me was probably the most valuable.”

– Manface, Queens

“I made a man cry today.”

– Fiona, Bushwick

For more Felines of New York, check out the amazing blog!

All images via Felines of New York