Caitlin White
February 01, 2020 10:00 am
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Much like horoscopes, tarotscopes are a way to predict upcoming energy and how it can affect you. Whereas with the former, we look at the position of the planets in the sky to make predictions, tarotscopes are a divination tool based on the reading we see in the cards.

This year, February is the month of love and emotions—and not just because we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day. With Mercury in Pisces for longer than usual, starting February 3rd, that means it’s a time of dreams and fluid emotions and feeling your instincts. Then, come the 17th, it’s time for Mercury in retrograde. As your tarotscope will show, this all means something different for each zodiac sign, based on what the tarot cards are saying.

Scroll down to find your sign, and see what all of your tarotscopes are saying for this month.


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Card: The High Priestess (Reversed)

Cat’s out of the bag, secrets are revealed, hidden matters are coming to the surface—it’s all happening for you this month, Aries. It could be a spooky month, with lots of things you weren’t aware of coming to face you. Connect to and trust your intuition and you won’t be as affected by the surprises.


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Card: 8 of Swords

This month is about realizing all the ways in which you limit yourself. Are you truly stuck? Or are you failing to see a different perspective? You may feel trapped in mental anguish, but you’ll find solace if you can realize you already have all the tools you need to free yourself.


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Card: Ace of Cups

You’ll be signing up for a new beginning, Gemini. It may be a new love affair, a renewed dynamic within an existing partnership, or an overall sense of feeling full of love. No matter what, February is truly looking bright for you. Focus on self-care and pouring your love into others this month.


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Card: 2 of Pentacles

You’ll be focused on keeping your boat afloat while managing a whole bunch of different goals and priorities this month. When it comes to love, it’s a good month to assess whether your relationships are stable and have a solid basis. Look for a sense of safety and security in partnerships, or even take a relationship further. While this could be romantic, your tarot card also speaks to business relationships, so seek new partnerships and collaborations or strengthen existing ones.


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Card: The Magician (Reversed)

If something feels off this month, trust your intuition. There may be some deception going on around you. You may have some questionable people in your life. Or you may be feeling so confused that you end up being confusing to others. You do, however, have the capacity to create a new atmosphere around you. If you want a new beginning, February is the time to start building it. But in doing so, question the solidity and reliability of the foundations you build.


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Card: Judgment

For you, February is all about making firm decisions for yourself. You’ll be decisive and self-assured, and you’ll pursue major goals. With that, you’ll be seeking a sense of completion and closure on the past. Let your leadership and ambition shine, and let go of anything that doesn’t belong in your life anymore.


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Card: 7 of Wands

You’re putting up a fight, Libra. Your guard is up, leading to bickering, fighting, arguing, and defending yourself. When it comes to relationships, you’re not ready to let down that guard or cease and desist your fight—but that doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong. You’re no quitter, and you’ll be ready to fight for yourself, for a relationship, or for what you want. Go get ’em, tiger!


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Card: Page of Swords

Review the way you express yourself and the way you come across to others. If you’ve been having communication hiccups, February is a good time to ask yourself whether you’re effectively and maturely communicating. Stay away from gossip—and don’t be surprised if you become the subject of gossip yourself. It’s a good idea to change up your behavior and reflect on how you can become a clearer communicator.


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Card: 5 of Pentacles

Money and stability difficulties are coming. You will have a lot on your plate, and you may feel isolated or like no one can help you. Reach out, ask for help, and seek guidance from people you can trust, whether friends or professionals. Don’t think you can power through everything on your own. If you need help, just ask.


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Card: The Fool (Reversed)

Are you feeling a little reckless this month, Capricorn? You’ll be ready to let loose, make bad decisions, go on an adventure—or even return to the past. In February, you may decide to rehash an old situation and try again. Why not? Now is the time to be youthful and even a little naïve. Just make sure you aren’t making any drastic life changes or decisions right now.


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Card: 3 of Swords

Ah, Aquarius. February could bring heartbreak. Painful truths may be brought to you or spoken. This month, communication is a major theme, and it will be clear, truthful, and direct. If you’re not ready and willing to hear it, you could get hurt.


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Card: The Star (Reversed) & Knight of Wands

It sounds like you had lost hope of a burning passion entering your life, but fate is now deciding otherwise. Creativity, inspiration, and passion are all around you this month, Pisces, so keep your chin up! Fiery energy is coming your way.

Let your tarotscopes guide you through this month of all kinds of love.