San Diego Comic-Con is bringing trailers and spoilers and exciting new features for our enjoyment this weekend, and the latest comes from the Fear The Walking Dead camp.

In tandem with the panel that was held, AMC just released a brand-new, full-length trailer to get us all hyped up for the premiere — or to make us super grateful that the world hasn’t ended yet. And guys, it’s TERRIFYING.

We finally (sort of) learn how the zombie apocalypse started (some kind of crazy flu perhaps?). We see what the beginning of the epidemic looks like (REALLY REALLY SCARY). How LA responds to the “virus” (not well). And we also get a nature vs. humans lesson from a teacher (I mean, we all know how who wins).

In the new trailer, we also get a glimpse of several more characters here than we did in the previous trailer, for starters. Guidance counselor Madison (Kim Dickens) is back, but we also get to see how her relationship with her fiance Travis (Cliff Curtis) is going right before things start to get a little weird. There’s also Madison’s children, college dropout Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (The 100‘s Alycia Debnam-Carey) — not to mention a brief cameo from Orange is the New Black‘s Elizabeth Rodriguez as Travis’s ex-wife Liza.

The people working at AMC and SundanceTV obviously know how excited we are, so they’re also planning to premiere the episode at the same time worldwide. No matter which country you’re in, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead simultaneously with fans everywhere.

“Anticipation around the world for Fear the Walking Dead is reaching a crescendo and we are ecstatic about delivering the series to worldwide fans at the exact same time as the U.S.,” said Bruce Tuchman, President of AMC and Sundance Channel Global. “Whether you’re in Hong Kong, Madrid or São Paulo, AMC viewers will be able to join the journey and experience the start of the zombie apocalypse together.”

“When civilization ends, it ends fast,” according to the trailer’s voiceover. However it winds up going down on Fear the Walking Dead, you can bet we’ll be tuning in to find how exactly what happens.

Watch the trailer here, and freak out with us:

Fear the Walking Dead premieres with a 90-minute episode on Sunday, August 23 at 9 p.m.