HelloGiggles Team
Updated Dec 30, 2014 @ 11:29 am

The year really flew by, as always, but we still stopped and paid attention to a lot of things that happened in 2014. HelloGiggles editors and contributors rounded up some of the most compelling moments below.

Elena Sheppard, news editor: Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It was such an important moment for women, for children, for education, for the Middle East. She is an unbelievable inspiration. Endless respect.

Brittany Allen, contributor: Incensed protestors who took to the streets following the decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. During this very cynical moment in history, it’s pretty inspiring to feel a sense of collective outrage about the status quo. Maybe together we can make a change.

Rachel Grate, contributor:Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech at the U.N. I love Emma Watson, and I love when celebrities use their fame to really enact change. I think she really helped a lot of people understand what feminism really means.

Sophia Elias, contributor: All of the satirical responses to Kim Kardashian’s “Break the Internet” cover. I love satire, I love art, and I have a love-hate relationship with pop culture. It was a winning combo, I guess.

Jill Layton, contributor: Every Thursday in the fall, when a new episode of Serial was released.

Sundi Rose Holt, contributor: Matthew McConaughey made 2014 the Year of the McConaissance. It was wonderful to see him back at it.

Jennifer Romolini, editor in chief: There were so many many important political moments, but when I’m thinking pop culture, I have to say Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson’s New Orleans wedding. I literally gasped when I first saw the photos, which were so stylish, striking, original, and jubilant—everything I want in my life always.

Carly Lane, contributor: When John Travolta announced Adele Dazeem’s performance of “Let It Go.” It’s still funny even now.

Piper Weiss, editorial director: Two words: Chris Rock. Everything he said, everything he did.

Gina Mei, assistant editor: Beyoncé standing in front of “Feminist” at the VMAs. I think I actually gasped (I definitely gasped). This whole performance was incredible and proved why Bey is the Queen B, but this moment gave me chills and had me screaming “YES!” at the TV.