Crystal Ro
December 02, 2016 11:33 am

One of the greatest things about Disneyland (and Disneyworld) is the rides, amirite? Whether you’re screaming like crazy on Space Mountain or singing along with the sealovers on Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney rides are all just so much fun. But when this one little girl got on her very first Disney ride, “fun” may not have been her exact choice of words. Because, it looks like her father enjoyed her first Disney ride about a million times more than she did.

And this hilarious photo of this little girl’s first Disney ride is not only perfect, but also totally hilarious and completely relatable.

This adorable father, Redditor renough, initially posted his (now viral) photo on Facebook. But after the urging of friends, he decided to post it on Reddit. And it’s gained LOTS of traction and hilarious responses since.

And, in case you’re wondering, the ride was “Frozen Ever After” at Epcot.


We’re sure this is one classic family photo that will stand the test of time.