Daryl Lindsey
January 03, 2017 12:25 pm
Feeleys Chippy/Facebook

Feeley’s Fish and Chips in Northern Ireland deserves a serious round of applause for fulfilling a customer’s unique — and hilarious — request. The fast fast food restaurant helped a sick customer, going above and beyond to make a special delivery — and we are definitely wishing that we lived closer to a Feeley’s for the next time we are under the weather.

Feeley’s Fish and Chips, a “takeaway” joint in Belfast, posted a photo of an order to Facebook which showed a sick customer’s request for medicine:

The “special requests” box on a food order form is indeed meant for, well, special requests, but it’s clear the restaurant wasn’t used to receiving such specific instructions.

“Words absolutely fail me,” wrote the restaurant, alongside a bunch of laughing-crying emojis.

Sure enough, the folks at Feeley’s stopped by the pharmacy to pick up the cold medicine for their sick customer.

Owner Alan Feeley told Buzzfeed News he didn’t feel the restaurant did anything “out of the ordinary,” and that they were glad to help a customer in need.

Talk about top-notch customer service!